Welcome to Refuge City Early Childhood

Our childcare center and preschool is designed to help children develop their physical, social-emotional, creative, and intellectual abilities through developmentally appropriate activities involving science, math, literacy, the arts, and technology.

Refuge City Early Childhood believes that every child should have the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive in a safe and caring environment.

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At the core of who we are

We are passionate about helping all children grow and learn in a safe and caring environment.

Welcome to Refuge City Early Childhood

nurturing. safe. transparent.
engaging. creative.
the perfect place for your child.

At Refuge City Early Childhood we’re not just a daycare center. We’re a family. Each child and is treated with kindness and respect. Activities are planned to meet your individual child’s specific developmental and learning needs using internationally-renowned curricula from Learning Without Tears® and Early Childhood Lesson Plans. As well as activities from Life Over C’s, I Teach Too, Early Childhood Lesson Plans, and Pocket of Preschool. We pride ourselves in meeting each child exactly where they are at and helping them to move forward in their developmental and intellectual growth.


Developmentally-appropriate learning spaces and materials

fostering independence and kindergarten readiness through child-led learning

children playing vet with stuffed animals

Nurturing Children’s Interests

Providing Safe Materials for Each Age Group

identifying letters on a chalk drawing

Introducing Academics through Play

plants growing in a garden box

Inspiring Sustainable Living through Hands-on Learning

About me collages displayed on wall at refuge city early childhood daycare center

Developing a Sense of Personal Identity

Children and staff walking on a nature path on a field trip with refuge city early childhood daycare center

Exploring Nature and the World Around Us